Latest News

RJ is in the works, working on his first fully self-produced album! 2 songs are fully complete. Runnin Over is out and available for purchase NOW! (Pick it up)

Things growing and changing 

It's looking like RJ Full Range will be releasing 2 projects in early 2019. One will be an urban album involving some of the hottest artists in the Inland Empire. The other will be more of a "radio" album. It will have pop music, R&B and more commercial rap. Stay tuned for more info!

Working on 2 albums 

I'm working on two albums right now!. Very exciting! I have one with distribution already set up and the other I will be distributing myself! Have you signed up for the email list so you can keep track of everything?

It will be featuring some dope, talented artists that you need to hear! Great music on the way! More info coming..


Remix Series 

RJ Full Range has begun working on his "Remix Series" where he'll be remixing music from local artists to produce new FREE exclusive material for everyone signed up on the email list, and also for TV/ film submissions.

Latest Track

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