Robbin “RJ Full Range” Johnson is a producer/ artist. He considers himself more of a producer/ writer than a performing artist. “I do the artist stuff more cause I can, or cause I need to to get a song done and submitted. Not that I don’t like it, though. My biggest love is producing... creating music.”, RJ says. His music takes on different genres but almost always has a commercial, feel-good vibe. 

RJ began his love for music as a child. His mom would play all different types of music from rock to classic R&B.. from Toto to Parliament. As he got older he got into DJing and then into rap. He became the neighborhood engineer and all of the local artists would come to him to record. DJing and engineering lead into producing music. A close friend bought the first real keyboard he could get a hold of and he began learning to sample and put music together. As time went on he began to collect recording and production equipment and sharpen his skills in both areas. RJ joined different local groups, singing and rapping. One of the groups was produced by Jon B. He was able to soak up more knowledge and tricks of the trade through this experience. 

Eventually RJ Full Range would open his own recording studio where he could earn a living recording music and work on his own music at the same time. RJ started getting film and TV placements for his music and has had music credits on networks like MTV, NBC, TNT & more. He’s had music in major box office films such as One For The Money(2012) and Baggage Claim (2013). He would also work in and around many industry “situations”, such as an uncompleted project with platinum artist Silkk The Shocker, before that, doing work for Death Row Records, and later recording with Marcus Black (formerly Paypa, signed to SRC/ Universal), and more. 

RJ Full Range now focuses his production on mostly rap, pop, R&B, and hip-hop. He is manager and owner of Full Range, LLC and

He’s currently influenced by dubstep, rap (trap), EDM, and pop music. “I listen to almost everything..” RJ says. Some of RJ’s many production influences are Skrillex, The Cataracs, Will I Am, Dr. Luke, Prince, David Guetta, Rodney "Dark Child" Jerkins and Mike Will Made It. RJ hopes to continue to grow his sound and name and be as well known and respected as some of his influences! Until then RJ Full Range stays in the studio recording, creating.. expanding.. You may want to get used to the name!

RJ Full Range at Capital Records

RJ Full Range at Capital Records